Senior/Half Recitals

A senior recital is a solo recital of approximately 50 minutes of music. Many students perform a senior recital to fulfill their senior project requirement.

A half recital is a recital prepared by two students, where each student prepares 20-25 minutes of music. While this type of recital does not fulfill a specific requirement, it is a wonderful opportunity to gain invaluable performance experience.

Students who perform a senior recital or a half recital (or a jury examination, see Performance Assessment on the Individual Performance page) are exempt from performance finals at the end of the semester.

Note that students pursuing a teaching license are required to perform at least a half recital in their primary performance medium to demonstrate mastery of that medium.


Recitals should include repertoire from at least three different stylistic periods, at the discretion of the applied music instructor.

  • Piano and voice students are expected to perform recital repertoire from memory.
  • Voice Students must demonstrate command of three languages, one of which may be English.

Scheduling a Recital

The dates of both your recital and dress rehearsal should be set at least two months in advance, in consultation with your applied music instructor and accompanist.

  • Students may check Recital Hall availability.
  • Recital times are limited to the following:
    • Tuesday/Thursday, 7:30 p.m.
    • Sunday, 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.
  • Dress Rehearsals will be scheduled when you schedule your recital time on a Wednesday, either at 6 p.m., 7:30 p.m., or 9 p.m.
    • Recitalists do not need to fill out the Recital Hall Reservation Form in addition to the Recital Request Form.
  • Recitals must take place during the regular fall or spring semester. Recitals will not be scheduled during finals week.
    • Students who plan to perform a senior recital the following year will be allowed to sign up for a time two weeks before the end of spring semester (i.e. students who anticipate performing a recital in '10-'11 can sign up the second to last week of spring semester 2010).
    • Students who wish to perform a half recital the following year will be allowed to sign up for a time the last week of the spring semester.
  • Once you have reserved a date, it cannot be changed. Only documented, exceptionally extenuating circumstances can be the basis for a petition to change your recital date. Unpreparedness is not an acceptable excuse.
  • To schedule a recital:
    • Fill out a Recital Request Form.
    • Have your applied music instructor approve of your dates and sign the form.
    • Submit the form to Makiko Legate in Humanites 104 for approval.

The Hearing

A hearing is a performance of recital repertoire to determine whether a student is adequately prepared for their recital.

All students who intend to perform a senior recital that will count for all or part of their senior project must perform a hearing for a three-person faculty panel.

  • Students performing junior recitals or other recitals that will not count towards a curricular requirement are NOT required to perform a hearing.

Students are responsible for assembling three faculty members for their hearing panel. One of these faculty members must be the student’s studio instructor, unless there are extraordinary circumstances that prevent the studio instructor from participating.

A hearing should be scheduled for at least three weeks before the recital date. Please consult with your studio instructor before scheduling either a recital date or a hearing date to ensure their participation.

All students will be given feedback from the faculty. Students are required to pass the hearing before they will be allowed to perform a senior recital.

Students who do not pass will be allowed to perform their hearing one additional time at least two weeks before their recital date, ideally for the same faculty panel.

If a student does not pass his or her hearing on the second attempt, the scheduled recital date is forfeited and the student must consult with their studio instructor and the rest of the faculty to determine a course of action.

Recital Materials and Personnel

The following materials and personnel are necessary for a recital to take place. Please note what your obligations are, especially with regards to publicity and securing personnel for your recital.

Printed Programs

  •  Programs are to be prepared by the student.
  • Programs should be prepared and submitted to your applied music instructor four weeks before your recital.
  • Proofread your program carefully!
  • Thank-you's should not appear in your program.
  • After your instructor has approved the program, submit it in print to Makiko Legate in Humanites 104. The Music Discipline will pay for 75 copies of one double-sided sheet, folded, for your program. Vocalists will be allowed an addition 75 double-sided sheets for translations.
  • If the student wishes to create different flyers for publicity, they can be part of the 125 copies. The student will need to submit the flyer at the same time as the program to Makiko Legate. Please see below for further details on publicity.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the programs from Duplicating Services in Science 1180, and then give programs to the ushers the day of the recital.


  • Recitals will be publicized in the Morris Sun Tribune with other UMM events.
  • Recitals will be publicized in the student's hometown newspaper additionally if the student includes that information on their Recital Request form.
  • Students may place two fliers in Professor Odello's mailbox in HFA 55 for HFA display cases.
  • All other publicity is the responsibility of the student.


All personnel (recitalist included!) should be dressed in appropriate, professional concert attire.

  • Accompanists, if required, should be secured as early as possible. Compensation should be arranged in accordance with Accompanying Policies found on the Opportunities page.
  • At least two ushers (see Recital Personnel on the Opportunities page) should be engaged by the student and on duty one half hour before the recital begins. Their responsibilities include:
    • Distributing programs at the Recital Hall door starting at least 15 minutes prior to the recital.
    • Closing the Recital Hall doors once the lights have been dimmed.
    • Ensuring that no food or drinks are taken in to the hall.
    • Be posted at the two entry ramps on either side of the hall, and keep latecomers from being seated (by hanging the ropes provided) until a break between movements or pieces.
  • stage manager (see Recital Personnel on the Opportunities page) should be engaged by the student. Their responsibilities include:
    • Being present a half hour before the start of the recital to ensure the stage is properly set.
    • Attending the dress rehearsal. The student should provide the stage manager with a copy of the program so they can make notes on what setup is required.
  • control booth operator (see Recital Personnel on the Opportunities page) will be assigned by the Music Discipline.
    • All recitals will be recorded, and a copy of the recording will be provided to the student at no cost.
      • The Music Discipline will keep recordings of student recitals for the academic year.
        • If the operator needs to be present at the dress rehearsal, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the booth operator.
        • If a student would like the dress rehearsal recorded, they must provide a CD to the booth operator.

Please bear in mind all policies that apply to use of the Recital Hall.