Secondary Performance Area

Students who are pursuing teaching licensure are also required to demonstrate proficiency in a secondary area.

For instrumental students, this means competency in another family of instruments.

For Vocal Licensure, this means an instrument of any of the families.

  • Vocal Licensure students whose main performance medium is keyboard or guitar must demonstrate secondary proficiency in voice.

Normally, one or two successive semesters of study in the secondary medium is an adequate effort leading to secondary performance competency. Formal study in the secondary area is optional.

The important criterion is demonstrating proficiency. While criteria for proficiency can be determined in consultation with the studio instructor in that medium, proficiency is generally demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • A full or half recital in the secondary medium.
  • At least two solo pieces of contrasting styles in the secondary medium for a faculty panel.

Proficiency will be determined by the studio instructor in the secondary medium and at least one other faculty member present at the performance/s.

Students who opt for the faculty hearing rather than a recital should find at least two faculty members to serve on the panel, one of whom should be the studio instructor in the secondary medium.

Students may also petition the music faculty to allow successful performance with a large ensemble for at least four semesters in the secondary medium count for this requirement.