Music Minor Requirements

The following is a list of the courses required for a Music Minor.

As this is intended as a secondary course of instruction (to complement your major), there is no suggested schedule for when to take your courses. Course codes and units are listed. To see brief descriptions of the courses, see below in the Music Curriculum section.

All Music Majors and Minors must take their required music courses with the A-F grading option, with the exception of Music 1000 (Concert Attendance).

  • Students must earn a C or bettering order to meet Major/Minor requirements. Courses where a student has earned a D or F will not count towards Major or Minor requirements.
  • The grade of Incomplete (I) in a music course must be made up within the first two weeks of the following semester. Failure to do so will result in a grade of F or N.

Required Courses

  • Music 1000 (.5 cr.) (Must enroll four times)
  • Music 1101 (4 cr.)
  • Music 1102 (4 cr.)
  • Music 3101 (4 cr.)
  • Music 3102 (4 cr.)
  • Music 1200-1223 (4 cr., 1 cr. per semester enrolled)
  • Piano proficiency
    • For students whose primary performance medium is not piano: Music 1111, 1112, 2111, 2112 (1 cr. each)
      • At the discretion of the piano faculty, students may be placed in Music 1200 (1 cr.) instead. Multiple semesters will most likely be required depending on the student's skill level.
    • For students whose primary performance medium is piano: 4 credits of the following:
      • Individual Performance Studies on a different instrument
      • Additional semesters of Individual Performance Studies - piano (MUS 1200)
      • Accompanying (MUS 1201 or MUS 1050)
      • Large Ensemble experience (MUS 1300, 1310, 1320, 1330)
      • Any combination of the above

Additional Considerations

Remember that some courses have pre-requisites.

  • Music 1101 (Fall) should be taken before Music 1102 (Spring).
  • Music 1102 (Spring) must be taken before Music 3101 (Fall).
  • Music 3101 (Fall) must be taken before Music 3102 (Spring).

Some courses are offered in alternate years. Plan carefully to make sure you are taking the course when it is offered.

  • Music 3101 is offered in the fall of odd-numbered years.
  • Music 3102 is offered in the spring of even-numbered years.

Some courses require multiple iterations.

  • Music 1000 must be taken four times.
  • Music 1200-1223 must be taken four times.
  • Piano proficiency requires either four semesters of Functional Keyboard (1111-2, 2111-2) or four credits of options specified above

Printable checklist of all Music Minor requirements