Why Latin American Area Studies?

The Latin American Area Studies Major is strongly interdisciplinary. The program includes coursework from the LAAS catalogue, and related coursework in

  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

This varied approach provides students with a view of political, historical, and contemporary topics from multiple perspectives. There is no LAAS minor offered.


Students in the LAAS major will take courses in Latin American history and literature as the foundation of the Discipline.

From there, students take electives focused on Latin America from at least three of the Disciplines listed above.

Four semesters of Spanish language study are also included in the coursework.


  • The one-credit Contemporary Latin America course, taken each semester, is a forum that gives students the chance to read about up-to-the-minute Latin American news and issues, and discuss them in a historical and political context.

  • The Directed Study courses offer students the opportunity to delve into topics of personal interest in depth.

  • Study abroad is an integral part of the major. Students get the chance to travel to a Latin American country and pursue an independent project, or work with an established organization to broaden their knowledge.

Latin American Area Studies Major Requirements