Jazz Studies at UMN Morris

Why Study Jazz at UMN Morris? 

Jazz is an important part of our institutional identity at UMN Morris. The Jazz Studies minor builds on this and makes it uniquely Morris by employing a liberal arts approach to the study of jazz.

Similar to the Music minor, the primary objective of the Jazz Studies minor provides students with an outlet to explore music while developing a comprehensive sense of musicianship through performance, theoretical analysis, research, and historical context. The minor provides engagement with an incredibly important element of African American culture, developing intercultural knowledge and understanding.

Designed to Perform

Upon completion of this degree, students will be  equipped to pursue jazz performance opportunities and to articulate their thoughts about the performance and non-performance aspects of the art form.

Jazz performance requires intense collaboration and communication, skills that are immediately transferable to any career trajectory for students. The Jazz Studies minor is designed allow students to focus on jazz performance practices, while also receiving a contextual foundation in jazz history, precursors, repertoire, analysis, and style.

Comparative Advantage

When compared to Jazz Studies degree plans offered by other colleges throughout the United States, the UMN Morris version provides deeper analytical and historical context by offering more options in non- performance-based courses such as:

  • Jazz Theory
  • West African Styles in African American Music
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Analysis of Popular Music
  • Jazz Styles and Repertoire
  • Music Technology

Program Requirements


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