Honors FAQ

I've been admitted to the program but now feel as though my semester is going to be too busy! Can I defer a year and begin the program next fall?

Yes. The Honors Program can be completed in two years.

I've been admitted to the program but neither section of IS2001H fits into my schedule. Can I enroll in electives this year and take IS2001H next year?

Yes. You should let the instructor of the elective(s) you are taking know that you haven't yet taken the Gateway course and that you may be seeking more guidance with research than other students.

I'm not yet a student in the Honors Program, but I am really interested in an honors course. Can I take it anyway?

Whether or not you may take an honors course as a non-honors student is up to the individual instructor, who may consider your request once students in the honors program have had a chance to enroll.

How can I complete both my majors and finish all my General Education requirements while doing the honors program?

All honors courses bear a GenEd designator, so honors courses may help you get your requirements out of the way.

I want to study abroad (or do national student exchange, or do something else that will take me off campus for awhile). Can I still complete the honors program in three years?

Sure. These kinds of Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) experiences meet the criteria for the Co-curricular Credit Option with pre-approval, fulfilling 2 of the 8 required elective credits.

I have two capstone courses for my majors in the spring of my senior year. Can I do my honors capstone in the fall?

Yep. You can also complete your honors capstone late in your junior year, provided you are making good progress on Honors electives.

I don't know if I'll be able to finish the program. Can I take classes anyway?

Yep. Once you're admitted to the program, you're in(!) and will not be asked to leave it. If there's a course you'd like to take, don't hesitate to enroll.

I have an idea for a course I'd really like to take!

Terrific! Submit your idea to the Honors Director and we'll try to recruit faculty to teach it!