Honors Capstone Project

The Honors Director holds an informational meeting about the capstone sometime in September. Anyone planning to undertake a capstone during that academic year should plan to attend. The capstone process has several important steps, but these are straightforward. The key to an enriching and enjoyable project is an engaged advisor who can lend some structure and good feedback to the process: choose one well! 

For more information about the Honors Capstone Project, please see the Honors Capstone Booklet, and especially the narrative overview that introduces the project and associated paperwork.

Email Honors Director Athena Kildegaard for editable versions of all capstone forms included in the above booklet.

Many students submit their capstone work for presentation at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held each year in April.

Students can also choose to have their capstone projects archived in the Honors stream of the UMM Digital Well. Contact Naomi Skulan at Briggs Library (x6174) to inquire about signing permissions and submitting your project to the Well.


  • “Autism Spectrum Disorders, Music, and Music Therapy”
  • “The Route to Economic Success: Lessons from Classic and Modern Fairy Tales”
  • “A World Map by Matteo Ricci: Chinese people’s reaction to Western technology and religion in the late Ming Dynasty”
  • “Mediating Double Consciousness: Information Regimes and the Construction of Racial Identities”
  • “The Economics of Medieval Castle Architecture”
  • “Review of the Neuropsychology of ADHD and Barriers to Applying Current Knowledge in the Classroom”
  • “Historical Context and Text Painting in Samuel Barber’s Hermit Songs”
  • “All Roads Lead to Rome: The Hunger Games and a History of American Anxiety”
  • “The Story of the Sulabh: Readings of Water, Sanitation, and Human Rights in India”
  • “The Economics of Medieval Castle Architecture”
  • “The Migration of Fish Due to Global Climate Change”