Why Geology?

The geology curriculum readies majors and minors to enter professional careers or pursue higher studies in the geosciences. The program covers the foundations of geology as well as related sciences, mathematics, and geologic problem solving.

The Discipline also offers courses for those who plan to teach earth sciences at the secondary level, and serves those in other professional or interdisciplinary programs who need geology as a related subject.

All students with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of our planet and how it came to be are welcome to join Geology Discipline classes.

Major Requirements

  • Four geology core courses: 
    • Physical Geology
    • Mineralogy and Crystallography
    • Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 
    • Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 
  • Two courses in basic chemistry

  • Upper-level course in Structural Geology 

  • Variety of electives to fashion a program fitting your specific needs

  • Senior seminar and Geology Field Camp

Minor Requirements

  • Four core courses in geology
  • Two courses in basic chemistry
  • Two more electives from the Geology curriculum, or a combination of electives and directed study

For students planning to pursue graduate studies in the geological sciences, it is recommended they include the following in classes their program:

GEOL 2151 – Historical Geology: Earth History and Changing Scientific Perspectives
MATH 1102 – Calculus II
CSCI 1301 – Problem Solving and Algorithm Development I
PHYS 1101 – General Physics I

Major Requirements
Minor Requirements