French Research Opportunities & Collaboration

One of the best things about UMN Morris is the opportunity to get to know your professors through collaborative projects. There are many opportunities at UMN Morris!

  • develop research undertaken in one of your classes in order to present it at the Morris Undergraduate Research Symposium...and beyond!
  • do research and get paid for it! Work with your profs to apply for the UofM Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program or the Morris Academic Partners Program
  • get paid to help us with administrative projects through the Morris Student Administrative Fellows Program
  • build relationships in the Morris community and support youth through collaboration with the UMM Office of Community Engagement

Here are some recent examples of collaborative projects undertaken with students. If you’re wondering whether you can do it, you CAN! These students are just like you.

“American First Nations and French: History, Anthropology, Literature,” ongoing interdisciplinary research undertaken by Nick (‘20), Sarah (‘19) and Justice (‘20)

UROP project on “Silence and Screams in Maghrebian Cinema.” Gena presented this work at the National Council on Undergraduate Research and UMM’s Undergraduate Research symposium, then published this work in the Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research, May 2019.

McNair Research with Sarah (‘19) about the representation of Queen Vashti in Old French and Old Occitan texts and images from the twelfth-fifteenth centuries.

UROP Experiential learning and recreating a medieval romanesque codex. (Cameron ‘21)

Entre Nous Teaches You, an after-school, community engagement project created in 2017 that enables you to team-teach local kids the basics of French language and French-speaking cultures around the world.