French Career & Graduate School Opportunities

Here are some examples of what our french alums are up to.

Graduation, 2016–20

  • Nick ’20 and Michelle ’20 have applied to the TAPIF Program.
  • “I’m studying Art History at Cornell!” ~Sarah, Morris McNair Scholar ’19
  • “I’m on the finance team of a design engineering firm where I get to work with customers all over the world, but most of our clients are in Montreal so I get to use my French day to day!” ~Margaret Hayes ’18
  • Je suis en retraite... MDR!!” ~Bob ’?
  • “I'm in grad school, studying French at OSU!” ~Gena ’18 
  • “I recently graduated in December with an MA in international relations and a Masters in Public administration, having interned at UNICEF in Geneva, Switzerland for part of it.” ~Fiona ’18
  • “I’m teaching pre-K now in St. Louis Park and travel every chance I get! French has become super helpful for travel. Also some of my students end up going to an French immersion school for kindergarten so it’s really fun speaking to them in French when they come back to visit.” ~Ashlee ’16
  • “I’m working at a German immersion school now but planning to get my K-6 licensure + master’s in dual language Immersion for both French and German next year!” ~Saskia ’16

Graduation, 2010–15

  • “After teaching for a while in Accra, Ghana, I’ve begun a Masters Program in Second Language Education, in Manitoba.” ~Yasmin ’15
  • “Bio and French majors in hand, I worked in health care for three years, then went back to my true passion: French. I spent a year in Lille, France teaching English and traveled to 15 total countries while I was there. Thanks to that experience, I now work for a fantastic Swiss company, obtaining visas for international personnel. I use my French every day at work.” ~Kellie ’15
  • "I'm presently a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology, researching how stress impacts eating behaviors, physical activity, and the underlying factors of both in older adolescents. The writing I have done in grad school has been tough, but I gained so much skill through all the papers I wrote as a French major. I’ve even published some of my research!“ ~Tiwa ’14
  • At the hotel I work at in downtown Minneapolis, a large group of francophone guests in town for a spiritual convention just departed. They're mostly from Quebec, but we get quite a few every year from Benin and Burkina Faso as well! ~Ian ’13
  • “I'm working at Alexandria Technical and Community College as a Transfer Specialist and Director of Testing Center, as well as a PSEO advisor. My French degree has given me a great level of cultural competency that helps me work with students from all backgrounds.” ~Heather ’13
  • “I am a licensed social worker and member of the International Association of Social Work with Groups. Every 2 years I attend a Francophone group work camp in rural Quebec to learn group work practices. I am currently working as a therapist in Minneapolis and doing freelance writing.” ~Colleen ’10

Graduation before 2009

  • I’m the Director of TRIO Upward Bound at Dakota County Technical College. One cool language-y thing I did is work out a partnership with Concordia Language Villages for our students to attend language immersion camp for a week each summer. ~Caitlin ’08
  • I work for the Sierra Club in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Data Analyst. While there, I have initiated a sabbatical program, which I used to travel to France to brush up my French skills and study vocal jazz improvisation in Paris last year. Upon returning, I auditioned for the San Francisco Symphony Chorus with which I have now performed several beautiful pieces in French including Stravinsky's Persephone (with Leslie Caron voicing Persephone) and Ravel's L'enfant et les sortilèges with the fantastic San Francisco Symphony. ~Sarah ’08
  • I am working as a paralegal at Courey, Kosanda & Zimmer, P.A.” ~Bekah ’08
  • “I hold a Ph.D. in Quebecois French literature, raise grass-fed beef in Sauk Centre, MN, serve as Dean of French Villages at Concordia Language Villages, Lac du Bois, Hackensack, and teach French at UMM. ~Kate ’07
  • “I teach French at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse!” ~Anna ’05
  • I’m still here at UMM, teaching Computer Science. ~KK ’00