Environmental Studies Capstone

Our environmental studies capstone is the culmination of the UMM experience for our majors.  In some years we have focused the projects on a common area of study (i.e. housing-related issues). In others, we connect student capstone projects with their previous work in classes and/or internships.

Recent capstone project titles (selected from 2012-2015) include:

  • An Environmental History of Landscape Change in Morris, Minnesota

  • An Exploration of Affordable Energy Efficient Housing Options with Reference to Morris, MN

  • Assessing Research Prospects: Recycling Urine for Fertilizer in Morris, Minnesota

  • "By Our Homes You Will Know Us": Native American Housing of Yesterday and Today

  • Designing affordable, energy-efficient rural housing in northern climates

  • Household Food Waste: Composting Policy Proposal for the City of Morris, MN

  • Knowledge of and Attitudes toward Multigenerational Living at Grandview Apartments

  • Mi casa sería tu casa pero casas no hay.  Housing shortages and language based discrimination in rural Minnesota.

  • Possibilities for Alternative Household Water Resource Management in Morris, MN

  • Recycling In Stevens County: An Audit of Student & Non-Student Residential Recycling

  • Stop-Drop-Sustain UMM

  • The Art of Reclaiming Building Materials

  • Utilizing Rain Gardens to Reduce Stormwater Roof Runoff in Morris, Minnesota