Why Management

The management curriculum at the University of Minnesota, Morris begins with a foundation in the view of the economic environment, which comes from the social science perspective provided by the field of economics.

The curriculum then focuses on the issues that arise and tools that are used in operation and control of business and non-profit organizations in the economy.

In addition to developing competence in analytical and core business areas, students majoring in the field are expected to learn to critically examine business and other institutions from a broader perspective.

The Morris management curriculum is structured around a common core, after which the student selects one of two distinct applied emphases:

  • Financial and organizational management
  • Global business

Students majoring in management are encouraged to complete a broad range of courses and participate in related academic experiences.

Management can be a stand-alone major, or combined with many other majors or minors.

A frequent choice for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the more general perspective economics brings to management issues is to take advantage of overlapping course requirements to double major in management and economics.