Why Economics?

At the University of Minnesota, Morris, the economics curriculum is designed to:

  • Provide students with a basic understanding of the nature and functioning of the economic system
  • Define criteria for assessing efficiency in the provision of goods and services
  • Investigate and assess the operation of economic institutions
  • Evaluate alternative techniques intended to increase economic efficiency and equity

The discipline of economics treats the economic environment from the perspective of a social science. Applications are developed in the context that the central task is to explain economic relationships, institutions, and events with some generality.

Careers in the field of economics itself frequently require graduate study, but the background economics provides is of use to those contemplating careers in business, government, or teaching, as well as providing specific preparation for those interested in future graduate work in the field.

Students majoring in economics at Morris are encouraged to complete a broad range of courses and participate in related academic experiences.

Economics can be combined with many other majors or minors.

A significant number of Morris students choose to take advantage of overlapping course requirements to double-major in economics and management, since the applied focus of management complements the social science approach of economics.