Economics & Management

At Morris, students can pursue a major separately in either economics or management, and can combine either one of these fields with other majors or minors.

However, there are overlapping course requirements that make double majoring in economics and management relatively easy for those who want to take greater advantage of the complementary nature of these fields.


A Morris economics major is a rigorous, broad introduction to the theories and empirical tools of the field. Economics addresses the economic environment as a social science.

Economists are interested in applications, but in the context that a central task is to explain economic relationships, institutions, and events with some generality.


A distinctive feature of the Morris management major is that it includes a foundation in the social sciences and also focuses on an applied area within the topics of interest to future managers.

Management focuses on a particular part of the economic environment, the issues arising in the operation of business and non profit organizations in the economy, and has a more applied orientation than does economics.

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