CMR Research Opportunities & Collborations

Students in the CMR discipline are active and engaged in studying contemporary topics in communications that are impacting our lives now, as well as critical analysis of communications theory and historical trends.

As a CMR major, you will have the opportunity to craft your own final thesis, so you can dig into a subject that interests you. Seniors present their projects publicly to colleagues. This provides an opportunity to further perfect public speaking and presentation skills.

Here are some recent CMR projects that show the diversity and range of interests of students in the Discipline:

  • Bridget Billo: “Happily Ever After: A Rhetorical Analysis of Ten Disney Princesses.”
  • Chris Coromales: “Coaching Communication and Player Satisfaction.”
  • Sage Davis: “President Obama Speaks to Tribal Leaders”
  • Courtney Driessen: “The Eyes Have It: The Rhetorical Significance of Steve McCurry’s Photography.”
  • Hannah Eliason: “A Rhetorical Analysis of Little Red Riding Hood and Two Pastiches”
  • Matt Gandrud: “Considering Images of Power and Race: A Rhetorical Look at Allen Iverson’s Appearance(s)”
  • Molli Getting: “The Rhetoric Behind ‘Happily Ever After’”
  • Scottie Hegstrom: “Men’s Discloser in TV Dramas: A Media Longitudinal Study”
  • Adam Hystead: “Occupy Wall Street: A rhetorical Analysis of the Failure of ‘Occupy This Album’”
  • Devon Johnson Creamer: “Motives for Viewing Scripted and Sports Television Programming.”
  • Justin Kemppainen “Failure and Frustration: Discovering Reasons for Aggressive Behavior in Gamers”
  • Taylor Lunemann: “Selling the Droid: An Analysis of Online Advertising Strategies”
  • Jena Magee: “How to Look Good Naked: The Effects of Thinness in Media Images and the Perceptions of Adult Women.”
  • Moon Lee: “Impact of Violence in Video Games on Children”
  • Tara Loomis: “MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood: Examining Reality Television”
  • Katie O’Brien: “Ellas v. Fellas: An Analysis of Hegemonies Present in Cinderella Pastiches”
  • Zach Ranallo: “Home Run: An Assessment of Television Commercials from the 2010 Major League Baseball World Series Telecasts”
  • Faith Randall: “Influences and Perceived Effectiveness of Student Leadership Styles”
  • Michelle Redberg: “Paralleled Coverage in Broadcast Media: Agenda- setting Analysis of TV News”
  • William Rottler: “A Rhetorical Analysis of the Wheaties Fuel Marketing Campaign”
  • Todd Thielin: “The Rhetorical Situation and Generic Constraints of the Billy Graham Crusade”
  • Alex Thompson: “A Rhetorical Analysis of How Fictive Football Speeches Function”
  • Morgan Turner: “Metaphoric Freedom: Supreme Court Free Speech Metaphors in Citizens United.”
  • Russel Weikle: “A Critical Analysis, Reconstruction and Application of Deanna Sellnow’s ‘Illusion of Life’”
  • Becky Wielenberg: “A Shattered Reputation Restored: An Examination of Image Repair Strategies During the Duke University Lacrosse Team Crisis”


University funding opportunities are consolidated by the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE).

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