CMR Career & Graduate School Opportunities

The CMR degree is extremely flexible and provides for an extensive range of potential careers. In almost any industry you can imagine there is a vital need for clear, compelling communications. Because of this, and because of their expertise of the contemporary media environment, CMR graduates have a lot to offer in the current job market.

Morris CMR alumni work in too many professions to list.

Examples include:

  • Administrative planner
  • Art director
  • Arts administrator
  • Attorney
  • Banker
  • Chief of police
  • Clergy
  • College multicultural program coordinator
  • Consultant
  • Corporation president
  • Director of experimental farming
  • Early childhood administrator
  • Educational researcher
  • Fundraising/special events coordinator
  • Game inventor/marketer
  • Graphic designer
  • Higher education administrator
  • Human resources manager
  • Human services case manager
  • Information services coordinator
  • Insurance agent
  • Journalist
  • Marketing director
  • Media specialist
  • Newspaper circulation manager
  • Nonprofit executive director
  • Political consultant
  • Principal
  • Professional speaker
  • Professional training consultant
  • Professor
  • Public relations director
  • Radio station manager
  • Researcher
  • Social worker
  • Television producer
  • University admissions counselor

While many CMR graduates start their careers directly after graduation, some pursue advanced degrees. This path can lead to an academic career of research and teaching, and more highly developed skills that translate to upper-level or managerial positions.

CMR alumni have gained acceptance to a wide variety of prestigious graduate programs.

Examples include:

  • Adler Graduate School
  • Drake
  • Luther Seminary
  • Purdue
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Wake Forest
  • William Mitchell School of Law