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Organizational Structure and Campus Governance

UMN Morris, the University of Minnesota’s residential, undergraduate liberal arts campus, operates under a unique, inclusive, shared governance. All members of the campus community have a voice—including students.

A 12-member Board of Regents, which includes the University of Minnesota president, governs the University of Minnesota.

Morris Administration


  • Head of the campus
  • Reports to the University of Minnesota senior vice president for system academic administration

Vice chancellors and associate vice chancellors

  • Report directly to the chancellor
  • Oversee all campus personnel whose functions are divided into the following categories:
    • Academic Affairs/Dean
    • Finance and Facilities
    • Student Affairs

Directors, division chairs, assistants

  • Oversee campus units and offices
  • Report to the chancellor, vice chancellors, or associate vice chancellors


Academic Affairs/Dean

Academic Support Offices

Student Academic Support Offices

Finance and Facilities

Student Affairs

Equity, Diversity and Intercultural Programs
     International Student Programs
     Multi-Ethnic Student Programs
     Native American Student Success Program
     Summit Scholars—a TRIO Student Services Program
Community Engagement
Student Life
Health Service
Student Counseling
Residential Life
Dining Services
Intercollegiate Athletics
Student Activities
Conferences, and Special Events


Divisions and Disciplines

Departments are called disciplines. Each discipline has a rotating coordinator. Disciplines belong to one of four divisions.

Divisions are overseen by division chairs who:

  • Serve for five years
  • Coordinate administrative and professional needs of faculty
  • Report to vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean



Science and Mathematics

Social Sciences


Morris Campus Student Association (MCSA)

  • Student governance organization
  • Elects representatives to Campus Assembly

United Staff Association (USA)

  • Civil Service, bargaining unit employees
  • Elects representatives to Campus Assembly

Campus Assembly

  • Governing body described in campus constitution
  • Acts on items proposed by campus committees
  • Includes most full-time faculty
  • Includes most full-time administrators and professional employees
  • Includes representatives from MCSA
  • Includes representatives from USA